CAID2 Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Right-click and "save target as" for the pics below.

A proposal of 3D modeling strategy:

Construct basic profile curves using the orthogonal views as.

  • Four curves are drawn from the Top View
  • four from the front and
  • five curves from the side.

The curves are overdrawn for the purposes of overbuilding surfaces.

Minimize the number of CVs.


Surface construction of the Vacuum builder

The main surfaces on the vacuum is fairly simple to build. Details will be added in the trimming stage. The surfaces will be "overbuilt" to make sure the model is "water tight", or in this case perhaps "air tight". Construct the surfaces by using the Rail tool or possible the skin tool as well.


Adding detail to Vacuum Cleaner

Intersect, trim and round the vacuum model.

Build the cavity surface for the handle by revolving the profile curve. Intersect it with the main surfaces and trim.

Build the handle and add vents to the model. Also add an embossed surface on the side that "washes" out on either end. Build it by constructing a profile curve with continuity at both ends and using the isoparams as start and end profiles as well as generation curves. Remember to use the patch precision command to get the isoparams where you want them. When complete - produce curve on surface geometry and trim the portion of the side surface that lies beneath the new features.

Good work!