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How difficult is it to be accepted to UID?

We look for talent and skills of different kinds in the different educations, and the number of applicants vary from year to year, so it is difficult to give a general answer. But: It is always worth applying! Of course you don't need to be a fully trained designer before applying - after all, that is what you want to come here to become, isn't it? For the short 5- and 10-week single subject courses (mainly in Swedish), no portfolio or work samples are needed, and acceptance is based on general prerequisites only.

Do I have to learn Swedish to study at UID?

No, we give all our MFA programmes and our one-year course (IDI) completely in English. The only educations in Swedish are the three-year BFA programme and most of the short single-subject courses. The daily language of communication and information at UID is English.

How well should I communicate in English?

Your English proficiency should be equivalent to English 6/English B from the Swedish upper secondary education. Information on how to meet the requirement can be found at University Admissions: https://www.universityadmissions.se/en/All-you-need-to-know1/Applying-for-studies/English-requirements/

Can I start the course in the spring term, or can I come as a guest student in the spring term?

Due to the nature of the programme and its sequence of activities, a number of obligatory basic skills are taught in the fall semester. If the student has not passed these courses they cannot participate in several of the courses that follow. Thus, in principle we do not accept applications for the spring term.

Can I receive credit for courses that I have already taken in a previous education?

When you believe that you already have corresponding merits for the course you otherwise would have studied at UID, it is possible to have these credits transferred. You must currently be studying at Umeå University to be able to apply for transfer of credits. This decision is made together with the programme director.

Should I bring my own computer with me?

The school encourages the students to have their own computer at their workplace, where there are network connections available at no extra cost. Some necessary software is also provided for use here at the school. There are also three computer laboratories at the school for computer courses or for use by students who do not have their own computer.

What should my portfolio include?

Each programme or one-year course has a specific requirement concerning portfolios. Please check the pages for each programme for more information.

Can you look at my website and tell me if I am good enough to apply?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to make general pre-assessments of student work.

Are there any grants or scholarships available for study at the school?

Accepted students that come from non-EU countries are offered the possibility to apply for fee reduction of the tuition fees. Get more informaiton on this here:  /en/education/admission/non-eu-applicants/ Apart from that, UID and Umeå university offers no grants or scholarships.

Do I need a degree in Industrial Design to be accepted to an MFA programme?

The basic entry qualifications are a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design or equivalent subject area which should include at least 60 ECTS credits in the Design subject. Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary course English 6/English B. If your degree does not have at least 60 credits in the Design subject you are unfortunately not eligible to apply to a Master programme. Besides that, each Master programme has its own qualification requirements. In the right menu you can find programmes, select the programme you are interested in and read the programme information for details.

In case I'm accepted for the course, how do I find an apartment in Umeå?

Unlike universities in many other countries, Swedish universities are not responsible for student accommodations. They do not own or administer any housing facilities. Instead there are a number of special housing foundations belonging to the Student Unions.

Since there is normally a shortage of student accommodations, you are strongly advised to apply for a room as soon as you have been admitted.
In most cases guest students admitted through special exchange programmes will get help in finding accommodations but they should check with their department to make sure that housing is arranged by Umeå University.

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