Ending your PhD studies

Defence timeline quick reference

Summary of key points from the faculty handbook (and elsewhere).
On the Aurora site of TekNat regarding defence and examination (Disputation och examen), you can find a swedish checklist.

As soon as possible:

Decide with supervisor on date of defence.

BEFORE submitting a request for public defence, all courses must be completed and the final examiner (Johan Redström) must sign the 'all courses cleared' form. (Note that this is only actual courses-research credits for the thesis will be registered after the defence is passed.)

Book the date and time for the thesis defence by sending the appropiate form  (Anhållan om disputation-sk) to the registrar (disputera@diarie.umu.se) and the faculty (susanne.vikstrom@umu.se). Also copy on this request email (and later send the approved form to) the director of PhD studies. The person at the faculty who receives the notification from the registrar is Teresa Bergner (teresa.bergner@umu.se).

When the date for the thesis defence is decided by the Vice­-chancellor, the final
examiner must notify the faculty board of this in writing, including signature
(susanne.vikstrom@umu.se). The proposal must contain the name of the doctoral
student, the title of the thesis, the time and place of the thesis defence and proposals for the examiner, examining committee and chair at the thesis defence. It must always be stated if the supervisor has collaborated with the examiner at any time. Decisions on the examiner, the examining committee and the chair for the thesis defence are taken by the faculty dean.

Request ISBN for dissertation from library (title must be final) by emailing diva@ub.umu.se.

Have thesis printed (at least 70 copies, ideally more, but also a tradeoff with print quality).

At least 4 weeks before defence:

Write a draft for the press release on your thesis and send to the faculty office research communicator (ingrid.soderbergh@umu.se).

Send copies of thesis to examiner and chair of the defence, members of the examining committee, and other design departments (at least within Sweden). It is technically the responsibility of the principal supervisor to ensure this is done, but practically this should be coordinated by the PhD student. Contact the director of PhD studies and/or the administrator for the PhD education for help with the actual sending.

At least 3 weeks before defence:

Post thesis-instructions available at http://www.ub.umu.se/en/publish/dissertations/posting. Note that the electronic posting must be done at least two working days before the posting at the library. The electronic posting in DiVA also serves as the 'official notice' that is required. If doing a traditional spikning at the library, make sure to watch for instructions in an email from the library after submitting the thesis in DiVA, particularly about preparing the 'spikningsblad'/cover sheet.

Have both printed and electronic copies of thesis available, as well as the time and place
of the defense.

Book a room for the defence, along with tech support.

After defence:

Make sure committee members have signed grading committee minutes.

Make sure administrator registers research credits the day after the defence (must have signed all courses cleared form and defence committee protocol). The number should be whatever remains between completed courses and total number of credits required under study plan.

Complete and submit application for degree form. Degree to apply for is 'doctor of
philosophy' and subject is 'industrial design'. Per faculty handbook: "The completed form "Application for degree certificate" is sent by the doctoral student to Umeå University, Studentcentrum/Examina, 901 87 Umeå. A copy of the degree certificate is sent to the personnel secretary at the faculty office to be reviewed for salary adjustment. The department sends the examining committee's report to the registrar. Note that the doctoral degree is valid from the date indicated on the degree certificate, not from the date of the thesis defence." It is also OK to email the signed, scanned form to degree@adm.umu.se.


Funding and support after PhD employment ends

Policy for funding after end of PhD student employment

UID support for enrolled PhD students after end of employment

Useful forms

 "All courses completed"
"Alla kurser klara"


- Deregistration for education at PhD-level
- Avregistrering för utbildning på forskarnivå