Brita-Stina Nordenstedt's donation

Umeå University announces Brita-Stina Nordenstedts scholarship for 2018 (for disposition 2019). The call opens on October 15.

The purpose of the scholarship is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between two or three of the following departments: Department of Food and Nutrition, Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå Institute of Technology (including Umeå School of Architecture) in the areas of:

-functional living,
-working environment,
-design and architecture in the private and public settings.

The funds can be used for student theses, projects, competitions, travel or attendance at conferences and symposia. For the designation of Scholarship holder, interdisciplinarity is primarily taken into account.


Applicants must at time of application be a student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, Umeå Institute of Design or the Institute of Technology, Umeå University.

Scholarship form and scholarship amount

The scholarships will be awarded in the form of:

Travel grants: 5-10 grants with 5000 to 10,000 SEK per contribution.

Grants for promising research: 5-7 grants with 15,000 to 25,000 SEK per contribution.

Other scholarships: The Scholarship Committee can agree on awarding grants to other types of projects in accordance with the donation purposes.


Application must include a fully completed application form. One and the same for can be used for applying both for travel scholarship and scholarship for promising research.
- Application form in English
- Ansökningsblankett på Svenska

Time of application

The application for scholarship shall have been submitted (preferably by e-mail) latest November 30, 2018 to the Head of Department Thomas Olofsson, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden. E-mail:

Please note that applications that are submitted later than November 30 (according to date/time stamp on e-mail, Swedish time) will not be considered.


Scholarships are awarded after a decision made by the Scholarship Committee, by the end of the month of January following the application. The Scholarship committee consists of three representatives of the family of Brita-Stina Nordenstedt, and one representative each for the Umeå Institute of Design, the Umeå Institute of Technology, the Department of Food and Nutrition.


All Scholarship holders granted a scholarship must, by November 15, submit a fully completed account form for the project, including a financial account, and also a short report outlining the project process and results in a way that allows laymen to understand the project (preferably including visuals as well). 

All Scholarship holders should also be prepared to give a short presentation, in Umeå or by skype/video link, to the Scholarship committee in January the year following the awarded scholarship, since the Scholarship committee will invite 2-3 Scholarship holders to present at the annual decision meeting.

-Account form in English
-Instructions for short report

-Redovisningsblankett på svenska.
-Instruktioner för kort populärvetenskaplig rapport