Class rooms and holkens

Class rooms and group rooms at UID are primarily used for educational purposes. The equipment and furnishing of the rooms is adapted to different types of educational practices, according to the specific needs of a design school. Students can book rooms for shorter periods of time.

Class rooms

There are eight class rooms, or lecture rooms, at Umeå Institute of Design: The Green room, the Blue room, the Red room, the Black room, the White room, the Yellow room and the Rainbow room. These rooms are equipped for teaching and learning, and teachers planning education are assisted by UID's study administrators and house technician in preparing the room for different kinds of teaching sessions. Since methods and structures for education varies, it is important that everyone helps out by following a set of simple rules and guidelines when using a class room:

-Furniture and equipment should never be removed from the room without checking with either house technician or study administrator.

-Furniture and equimpent should always  be put back according to the order and layout described on the information sheet on the wall of the room. 

-Any specific needs for equimpent or furnishing should be communicated by teachers to the house technician well in advance (when scheduling of the course is done).

-Workshop materials, visualisations, post-it notes and other stuff should not be left on walls, whiteboards and shelves past the booking time of each educational session unless planned and OK:ed by the course responsible. Any material left behind will be removed and possibly also thrown away.

-Everyone at UID is welcome to use the rooms and holkens for UID related purposes. If a room is not booked, you are welcome to pop in and use it temporarily, but must also be ready to leave it if it is booked by someone else.