How to book a group room at UID

Making bookings

Everyone at UID is welcome to use the rooms and holkens for UID related purposes. If a room is not booked, you are welcome to pop in and use it temporarily, but must also be ready to leave it if it is booked by someone else. Oh, and at UID everyone is of course responsible for keeping the facilities nice, and putting things back as they should be after using a room or space!

Students can book rooms and holkens for shorter periods of time. If you need a room for a longer period, you need to talk to your programme director or course responsible, who then can make the booking for you if she/he approves. 

Students can book a group room (holk) for max two occasions at the same time. (One occasion = max one day). Bookings should be made no earlier then two days in advance.

To make a booking, visit Adrian Löwander in the Administration corridor, or send him an e-mail.  Or ask someone else in the UID staff to help you.

If you would like to book other rooms than these for study related purposes, please talk to your programme director or course responsible.

If you would like to book a room at UID or in any other Umeå University facility for other student activites, please talk to Ställverket or NTK who can assist with this. Bookings through the student union for joint student activities are also free of charge for the students involved.

These group rooms are available for student bookings:

BFA holken
Banana holken
Blue holken
Green holken
Green PC holken
MFA holken
Workshop holken