Leave from studies

Leave of studies can be granted for different reasons, including parental leave, illness, internships or other. Please plan your application well in advance, and talk to your programme director about it.

Approved leave from studies

If you are admitted to one of UID's programmes and would like to go on leave from studies you need to apply for Approved leave from studies by using one of the below forms.  

Application forms in English

Application forms in Swedish 
If you have questions about this, please contact your study administrator. 

Before going on leave from studies:

- Clear your desk and storage units in the student studio from your things.

- Empty your workshop locker. You cannot use the workshop locker(s) for general storage while you are away. Locked lockers will be opened and emptied.

-If you need to store project or study related material (models etc.), talk to house technician Anders Hellström well in advance of leaving, to secure the possiblitiy to store maximum one (1) storage box of such things.Please write your name and class on the box in block letters.

-Talk to IT support about your personal folder on the server, so that it is not accidentally deleted in the general summer server cleaning. In any case, we recommend you to also back up your files!

-Make sure to check your DOLF account and pay your DOLF bills.

-Keep the school updated on your future plans for your studies within the given deadlines. Let your programme director or the study administrator know your plans well in advance.