Lock malfunction, entrances and doors

During office hours, 8.00-17.00, between Monday and Friday, the main UID entrance should be unlocked. At all other times, and at all other UID entrances, you will need your Umeå university access card to enter the school. To exit through a locked door, always use the key button next to the door.

If you, after office hours, find a door locked when it should be open, or open during times when it should be locked please use the Umeå University round-the-clock security number to report this: 090-786 76 00.

If you find doors/locks malfunctioning daytime during the week, please contact caretaker Anders Hellström and report it through Sysaid.



If a door alarm is set off after office hours, please notify the security company on telephone 090-786 76 00.