When something is broken...

As a student at UID, you have access to the school 24/7, almost all year round.This generous access to the school and its' facilities is built on a joint student and staff responsibility for keeping the school in good shape and for reporting anything that breaks, does not work or needs fixing.

If something breaks or malfunctions: Please use the Sysaid tool that is accessible on all lab computers to report big and small issues, problems and broken/malfunctioning things. During office hours, you can of course also talk directly to our house technician Anders Hellström or IT technician Peder Fällefors (or anyone in the UID staff).

If something breaks or malfunctions during weekends or evenings and needs urgent attention or fixing: Any problems that arise with alarms, doors, locks and other security and saftey issues should be communicated immediately to the University security company on phone number 090-786 7600.