Learning in Design for Sustainability

This PhD research project explores anti-oppressive way of doing Participatory Design for Social Innovation for Sustainability.

This research project concerns learning in doing social innovation for sustainability. The overarching frame is of learning to design from a planetary perspective, asking "how do we design since we are together anyway?". I argue that, if we do not pay attention to the possible consequences of our work for sustainability we may end up, unwillingly, sustaining harmful relations such as oppression and authoritarianism. Being learning a natural consequence of being together (Wenger, 1999) I frame the behavioural consequences of designing for sustainability as learning, for the behaviour teaches what is acceptable to do and act in and for sustainable futures. That is, are we, in our work for sustainability teaching that it is acceptable to be oppressive, to not take into consideration the voices of different communities and thus to use our sustainability agenda as colonizing apparatuses? From this understanding, my focus is on levelling power structures in participatory processes towards more democratic ways of working for sustainability.

My supervisors are Johan Redström and Brendon Clark 

Areas of interest: Design for Sustainability, Anthropocene, Postcolonial studies, Participatory Design, Design Anthropology, Sustainability Science and Social Innovation.