Monitoring congestive heart failure

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Heart failure is an abnormality of the cardiac function and structure, with a progressive weakening of the heart muscle.

Based on the European Society of Cardiology and the American Heart Association’s guidelines regarding management of heart failure patients, the most important measures are monitoring for the effects of treatment, avoiding hypertension and worsening of the renal function.

Inspiration and Method

The goal of this project is to enable heart failure patients to live a normal life having control over their condition. The primary need becomes systematic monitoring of personal weight and the fluid accumulation, to encourage patients to keep up a level of exercise despite of difficulties, and in the presence of aggravating symptoms send the alarm message to the patients’ family doctor/cardiologist.


The Nokia bed-side mat keeps an overview of the patient’s heart failure symptoms, measuring at the equal times every day, giving an exact image of the patient’s condition, and prompting his/her cardiologist in case of aggravation.