Mammography in a future reality - Breast cancer diagnostics


Mammography is currently the most efficient method to find breast cancer tumors in their early development, which is why it is often used for screening purposes. But why is it that the experience of mammography makes many women nervous and anxious, up to the point they even skip their scheduled visit? And why is mammography so often described with words such as: discomfort, loneliness, pain & Ouch(!)?

This project aims at getting to the bottom of those questions and the potentials of mammography. The result is a new concept for x-ray imaging that focuses on three core values: appearance, comfort and the relationship between patient and nurse. The concept is supported by the website ‘Squeeze please’, a platform to facilitate mammography appointments as well as to provide information about breast cancer and the mammography experience.

Inspiration and Method

One out of eight women will get breast cancer and yearly more then 1.7 million are diagnosed. As mammography is the most common screening tool for breast cancer millions of women will undergo the procedure. An occurrence often happening several times during a lifetime.

With negative preconceptions of mammography and several design opportunities there is a lot of space for improvement - both for product and service.


The result of the project is Nina. A vision of what mammography might become and how it may change the perception of a mammogram.

Nina consists of three units: X-ray, workstation and projection shield. The three units are placed accordingly to create a close relationship between nurse and patient and aims towards a shared experience between the two.

Nina focuses on three core values: appearance, comfort and patient-nurse relationship to create a more pleasant experience and improved breast cancer diagnostics.