Topi - How to ease allergy vaccination for young children

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30% of children and youths in Sweden have some form of allergy disease and for many people medicines are not sufficient. If so, there is a possibility of an allergy vaccination, a three to five-year process where the patients receive 50-80 injections. So what is the main problem? In fact, it is important to understand that the vaccination is something that affects the child in greater extent than just the moment when the syringe is provided. At present, the patient must stay to ensure that he/she does not get an allergic reaction and is feeling well enough to go home. They are constantly questioned about how they feel. But how does a child determine this? How good is good enough?

Topi is a system that increases the involvement and transfer responsibilities from the child by keeping track of their well-being and surroundings - while making treatments more fun and safe.


Topi is a system that facilitates communication between children, parents and personnel. It consists of three parts; a product, an app and a service.

It analyses the well-being and keeps an eye on the child’s immediate surroundings. Important to mention is that this information is not delivered directly to the child but to the adults. All parties get increased safety and do not need to focus on worrying if the child is feeling good or not.

What happens to the collected information? It is the basis of the entire system and is distributed to the adults. At the hospital Topi has its highlight, this is where the information is most useful. Through graphs, physicians can see how the patient’s well-being has developed and they can thus give an injection below the dose that triggers an allergic reaction.

Topi reduces the stress and responsibility of the child while allowing them to participate in their treatment.