Focus on your moment


Noise pollution is a form of environmental problem that affects all people in the world, both our health and our behavior. Noise is everywhere and always present in our lives. It’s an ever-increasing problem that has almost become impossible to escape today due to the urbanization and industrialization. The core problem lays in that our hearing isn’t a voluntary process and the consequence is that many of the hazardous noises go unnoticed and influence us. ”Focus” is a powerful platform that enables the user to customize their sound experience in different contexts by providing the ability to hear whatever you want/not want to hear, how much/ how little you want to hear the sounds and know everything when you want with Augumented Audio Reality. In this way, people can choose their meaningful sounds in their lives and experience a more human-centered sound experience.

Inspiration and Method

In the past decade, sound has existed in the shadow of the visual. My mission with my thesis was to convey an idea of how we could interact with and experience both real-world sounds and digital sounds in the future with a technique I call Augumented Audio Reality. In the technological VR and AR world we’re moving towards, I believe that this is the next step within sound and that it’s just a matter of time before people would like to have this as a complement to strengthen these experiences. This technique in combination with geo-specific sounds would allow the user a more intuitive sound experience where the whole world would be one big virtual sound museum that only could be opened depending on the users desire.


How we perceive sound is dependent on what context we’re in and our relationship to the noise source. Sound that is perceived as noise in one context can therefore be perceived as beautiful sound in another. And it’s important how people experience and are linked to different places. ”Focus” is about understanding the subjectiveness in sound whose purpose was to personalize the users’ sound experience through both sound and design. Focus is a powerful platform that allows the user to adjust both real-world sounds and the digital sounds to strengthen our lives and the relationship to our surroundings in fine sensorial detail. What makes ”Focus” unique isn’t just being spatial earphones, but contextual ear protection as well.