Enhanced Avalanche Safety


Freeride skiing, chasing untracked powder snow outside the system’s boundaries, is an extreme sport associated with several risks. Avalanches are one of them. Freeriding is steadily gaining popularity which leads to a rising number of deadly avalanche accidents. The avalanche risk is affected by several factors, for example weather, terrain and aspect while peer pressure and communication difficulties complicates the skier’s decision making. My aim was to make it easier for the skier to understand the risks while skiing in order to avoid avalanche accidents.

Inspiration and Method

This project was a way for me to explore what I, and many others, have struggled with when skiing off piste. I wanted to explore a way for a skier to be safer with the help of modern technology. Through interviews with avalanche experts and my focus group as well as a survey I was able to pinpoint problem areas. These were the foundation on which I built my result on.


The result is Avoid, a service that notifies the skier in real time about the risk he/she is exposed to, evaluated by the skier’s GPS-position, the avalanche forecast and terrain features. Through reminders about planning and safety equipment, adding a risk filter on the map, communication tools and risk information it’s easier for the skier to make wise decisions and choose safer alternatives.