RunRabbit - physical activityin the classroom


Physical activity on a daily basis is good for people of all ages. This is a fact that is well known, but we also know that children today are less physically active than their parents were at their age.
Runrabbit is a concept for schools to incorporate physical activity in the classroom. With motion control technology and augmented reality the physical activity will be fun, challenging and explorative. With a range of exercises, the teachers can choose activities that suits the class in that particular lesson. Whether it is an activity break from the lesson to gain more energy and retain concentration, or a pedagogical activity to learn math or other subjects in a more physical and creative way. Introduction of RunRabbit in classes will give the children a foundation for a good future habit, so that they will be able to reap the benefits of being more active.

Inspiration and Method

Collaboration partners on this project was students and teachers from Östermalmsskolan. Where workshop, user test, interviews and concept validation was consider. Interviews and concept validation around physical activity in the classroom was consider with physiotherapists from Umeå University. Brainstorm and workshops around physical activity in the classroom with students at Umeå Institute of Design. Form development, concept development and technical configuration was consulting with tutors and lectures from Umeå Institute of Design.


RunRabbit consist of a motion control camera and a computer software program. The camera is placed in front of the classroom and is connected to a computer with an USB-cable. The teacher can navigate the software and choose a physical activity. Connecting the computer to a projector and the physical activity can start. The camera lights up during activity and on screen the students will see the classroom and themselfs but with an augmented reality filter on their faces. With motion control the children will use their bodies as their tool to interact with the graphics that appears on screen. Their movements and actions will affect what happens on screen. When the class have done an activity the result is kept in the software for teachers and students to follow up on their progress.