SNAPP - Sound Sketching Tools


This project explores and offers different ways of musical ideation. The aim is exploring new approaches in music making from inspiration standpoint on the contra to today's field of complex digital music making tools which reaches to the level of an obstacle rather than an aid.
How technology can brake its exclusive approach in order to empower non skillful amateur music makers?
The result is a set of tactics for how to catch a sound inspiration and act on it with minimum distractions possible. It is manifested in a concept that focuses on what happens before and after the inspiration and let music makers to analyze, capture and ideate on their musical thoughts which allows non skillful users to explore musical self by letting them to sketch musical snippets.

“The value does not come from the degree of finish, but the authenticity of one’s ideas, dreams and personality.”
Bill buxton


Snapp is set of sound sketching tools that support amateur musicians in their journey of self exploration and musical ideation with minimum distraction possible. Snapp lets people not only to identify and isolate sound inspirations but also act on them. Digital and physical tools are created around inspiration as a starting point and makes the natural ways of making music tangible by letting people to capture both their inspiration and ideas. The concept motivates and encourage users to explore musical self regardless of their skills and help them understand and express their musical self. Snapp provides tangible access points to music making beyond the surface and makes the layers visible and accessible. Snapp is build around intrinsic behavior, process that is already occurring in the making and uses it deliberately for further engagement.