The Human Design Manifesto


This master’s thesis explores how we can design for deep human topics. By collecting ethnographic stories of people who have overcome massive life events, such as war, sickness and death, the fundamental elements of human life revealed itself. Through a set of six expressions, the Human Design Manifesto argues for how designers can use design to answer to more meaningful purposes in life. To demonstrate how the Human Design Manifesto is used as a foundation to come up with new creations, a product was created.

Inspiration and Method

It is the complexity and the delicacy of the human condition that makes us so beautiful. Design should embrace this complexity, address this richness, rather than simplifying the human to a transparent entity. The Human Design Manifesto highlights the important elements of human-life in which design can cultivate for more meaningful purposes in our lives: 1.) Design attitudes, not solutions. 2.) Design the medicine of the mind. 3.) Design for relationships. 4.) Design for our direct senses. 5.) Design for the deep human connection. 6.) Design the act of kindness.


To demonstrate how the Human Design Manifesto expresses itself in a product, a garment was created. This garment creates an intimate space between strangers when two wearers are looking into each-other's eyes. The interactive garment is equipped with audio, eye-sensors and heart-microphones. The heartbeat is the actual sound of the heart, and is recorded by an audio recording device strapped to the wearer’s chest. The garment re-imagines how we think and look at strangers when we encounter strangers in public spaces.

“The concept of stranger is what puts so much distances between people. But hearing someone’s heartbeat is such a rich experience. The moment you hear someone’s heart, a train of thoughts and reflections are evoked. You realise you are not alone, and we are all in this kind world together.” - Magnetism Experiment

I envision a world full with kindness. Because kindness is the most affecting gesture we can express to our surrounding. It takes away judgement and brings people together.