Lynk & Co Rebyell


This thesis concerns the implementation of car sharing technology into a semi autonomous, future city sport car. Its aimed towards the young rebellious generation who's living an urban, compact lifestyle.

The goal is to create a design language and practical supporting features, that represent the target group and the sharing technology.

What differs shared cars with private owned cars, is that you can rent it out to the public. Today the sharing technology is applied on traditional looking cars, but how could there be a differential between private and sharing mode? To answer this, I have been looking into public places and private places in order to find inspiration for the exterior to represent these ideas.

The car is also small, agile and easy to enter and exit in order to be convenient for everyday usage. Even though it's a very low and extreme car.

Inspiration and Method

San Sebastian’s metro station is a very powerful architecture piece,it makes you curious of what’s inside, this is a feeling I want to apply to the car. In order to differentiate shared and occupied mode, smart glass technology could be applied to create a strong contrast, to give an instant visual message.

They way we will consume cars, might be more similar to the way we will consume other items in the future. One example is digital butlers, or robot butlers who help you artificially and can speak several languages. Buying clothes by using a transparent screen and being guided by virtual staff as a hologram is also another concept. I would like to question the way cars are being used, since sharing cars might be an expanding business model, will this change the manner of renting a car?


A day in life scenario could be explained like this - the rear window is displaying that it is free, the side windows are opaque and the trunk transparent, which makes it easier to immediately see that its free or not. The person wants to use it, so he or she goes to the rear and lets the trunk scan his or her iris, the car recognizes that he is a Lynk & Co member. The trunk opens up and the trunk plates pop out so that he or she smoothly can place his luggage and the trunk closes automaticly as well as wrapping the luggage. Then, the doors, roof and trunk (double hinged) opens up and he enters the car. He or she drives away and while accelerating the energy meter sparks in order to show its power.