Experience Mobility


What happens when we reach full automation and we loose the steering as the connected element between the driver and the vehicle? What do we do in a fully automated vehicle while we travel?

The project aim is a vision for 2050 when full automated vehicles are forecasted to be a normality. The vision is based on the change in values of coming generation consumers and their differences in mindset, as well as investigating mass influencing trends and technologies. Research resulted in a collective persona called “Generation Alpha”. It is a coming generation that prefer mobility before transportation and has a mindset of “seamless connectivity”. Home, work, vehicles, and clothes advances with layers of interactive and artificial systems creating an immerse bridge in between the mediums.

The result is a standardized autonomous platform that becomes your personal mobility when entering. It loads your digital identity and connects to your personal life. While travelling it is possible to be connected to family and friends or even downloading a “dream”.

Home environments have interactive furniture and augmented reality walls. The interior has a duplicate of the home system. Adding a layer of visual and tactile interaction to vehicle interiors allows us to communicate between different environments with each other. Send or receive a thoughts or feel like you are still at home.