What will happen to sport cars once our society and infrastructure allow for a fully autonomous transport systems? My concern for the ”survival of the sports car” clearly originates from an emotional viewpoint rather than a reasonable argument. We know about the benefits that come along with autonomy but that doesn’t make the fear of loosing the emotional side of driving unfounded.

My aim was to create a scenario that allows both reason and emotion to coexist and furthermore to benefit from each other rather than to create a conflict.

Inspiration and Method

Defining the problem and starting the research helped me find the direction I eventually chose. Initial sketches of both exterior and interior, led to defining the package and setting the framework for the design. A full size mockup was good for testing ergonomics and the basic principle of my concept. It triggered discussions that inspired the further design development in 2D and 3D up to the final design.


The result is a PORSCHE for 2040 that shows an exciting concept for steering fully autonomous cars of the future. It combines the benefits of autonomy with the emotions of a sports car. Finding a way to implement those benefits without them interfering with the excitement of pure driving pleasure was my aim - creating a loophole that allows both elements to harmonize with each other was the result.