The 100 kW Sportscar

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Power output numbers of sportscars have increased inflationary over the last decades and have recently reached four-digit values. This project questions this development and examines how a sportscar with a very limited amount of power - 100 kW - would need to be designed.

The essence of sportscar driving is riding the edge where driver and machine reach their physical limits. This project claims that this can be brought back to a level that is far below that of todays hypercars.

The challenge of this project is therefore to develop a car that can deliver an exciting, memorable driving experience with less financial, energy and material resources.

Inspiration and Method

The design process used is fairly traditional, starting with a research phase, an ideation phase which is being followed by a refinement phase and ultimately the execution of the design in form of a physical scale model and digital renderings.

However it needs to be stated that the availability of VR reviews already has a very positive impact on the design workflow. Many design solutions, ergonomics and proportions were modeled directly in 3D and immediately tested in VR, similar to a continously updated 1:1 clay model in the industry.


The final result is a lightweight sportscar that makes most out of its limited power resources. Not only does it use state-of-the art technologies and materials to be as efficient as possible, it also boosts the driving experience with several innovative design solutions.

The styling is modern and in line with Porsche’s carefully developed current design DNA, but also links to the past. Connaisseurs of the Porsche heritage will find several references to models from the past, yet all these elements are respectfully interpreted in a contemporary yet timeless way.