Jeep Black Label


The world is becoming more complicated; our lives develop into multiple facets. This master thesis focuses on defining a future typology in vehicle design representing a hybrid lifestyle.

New technologies bring convenience to people but sometimes the amount of information exceeds our needs. Jeep Black Label is designed to escape all that in the year 2040. An unplugged lounge experience for the city and a great analogue getaway into nature.

A holistic research method was used to understand the context for this vehicle. The design process followed an inside-out approach. First a dynamic interior space was generated based on users’ needs. The final step was to ideate and choose a meaningful exterior appearance following the goal to communicate brand identity, automation and hybrid driving modes.

Inspiration and Method

The design process starts with the imagination on proposing a new lifestyle which results in a sharp-shifting and mode-switching layout. Following that I try to form a meaningful shape containing this unique interior layout.

Then it comes to the refinement and executions on the shape and functions such as door openings and realizing shape-shifting in a proper way that really works.


The project results in a simple design with attention to the details. With its transform feature, it could switch easily between off-road driving mode aiming to enjoy the driving experience, embrace nature and urban autonomous mode aiming to give passengers privacy and offer a shelter escaping the heavy urban flow.

My show includes a hard 1 to 4 scale model and well illustrated story board showing the scenario together with report which contains the whole process.