What’s next for the luxury experience when autonomous technology is replacing your private chauffeur and there is no need for improving the performance of a vehicle?

What if people get bored of applying unaffordable materials everywhere?

There is a potential to change the mindset and question the value of mobility. As it’s already happening, people start to treasure the traveling experience. Vehicles play multiple important roles in our life that nowadays some of our life stories do happen during a ride. Let’s push the boundaries to vision the most luxurious experience. Could we dream about a romantic journey with a kind of mobility that just likes a moving architecture?

This project is focus on providing progressive solutions through a whole new kind of mobility.

Inspiration and Method

Early research into the definition of luxury contributes the main theme of the project. Through claiming deceleration lifestyle is the new luxury, design is greatly inspired by the idea of air blimp, proceeding a direction of three dimensional traveling in urban area.

During the design process, sketching and CAD modeling help build the exterior prototype. Story board is created at the same time to provide a holistic user experience around exterior design.

With the help of alias model, final visual is rendered with urban background by Vred programme and telling the design story by informative details.


The answer to the future luxury experience is a mobility designed to be slow, Lexus urban airship for 2030.

Ocean creature inspired exterior design features a rather mild lifestyle which showcases the vision that people might be able to enjoy a new sky travel experience in near future.The use of interior is strongly bonding to exterior providing a relaxing vibe for the users.

Final consequence is a design fiction showing the entire story of the journey including landing/taking off, mechanism and service.