Design Seminar - Making Design Theory

Datum: 2017-10-10
Tid: 13.00 - 15.00
Plats: Designhögskolan
Evenemanget vänder sig till: studenter - anställda

This is about theory development in design research driven by practice, experimentation, and making. It is about the idea that as design research engages in making many different kinds of things, theory might well be one of those things it is—or could be—making. But this begs the question: what design theory could be made in research through design? There are certainly enough potential contradictions to disregard such questions, prevalent disciplinary distribution of tasks where makers make and theorists theorize, as if the two were completely separate matters of concern. Yet with the accumulation of design research deeply committed to practices of making and the increasing presence of more conceptual and discursive approaches to design, there comes a need to yet again ask whether previous perspectives on theory and practice still hold, or if other possibilities are now emerging as the result of new forms of design and research. In this seminar, we will discuss this proposition and where it might lead.

I will also shed some light on why the cover looks like a tequila sunrise.

Readings prior to the seminar:
Making Design Theory, especially chapters 1 and 4.

Please note, that you need to prepare for these seminars by (actually) reading the associated texts. Indeed, the very purpose is to read and think about something in advance and then come together and discuss it. Thus, there will not be a longer comprehensive presentation or talk on the 10th, but just a short introduction. You can get the texts in digital form from Johan Redström, or if you prefer the real thing, then come by his office for a physical copy.

Talk held by the author: Johan Redström
Arrangör: UID
Kontaktperson: Johan Redström

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