MFA Advanced Product Design

The Master's programme in Advanced Product Design will develop you into a skilled industrial design practitioner with the tool- and mindset needed to create, develop and design new relevant product solutions for the needs of the users, stakeholders and the industry. This design exploration is seen through the contextual lens of environmental and societal challenges - this with the objective to conceptualise new bold inspirational life-centric designs that both addresses present problems and future opportunities. 
The education is hands-on and practise-based, and a majority of the projects are carried out in collaboration with external partners.



The Master's programme in Advanced Product Design develops your design competence by providing professional tools, hands-on work methods, creative challenges and an inspiring study environment. The programme combines the analysis of complex contexts with the identification of relevant design opportunities and a holistic ideation scope, using visualisation techniques and the tools in the professional oriented practice of industrial design. All of this are integrated in relevant course and project challenges designed to allow you to display your skillsets and development. During your education the field of advanced product design is explored with a mix of both individual studies and group work. The programme is international in its scope and all education is conducted in English and a majority of our students come from abroad.

Develop design in real projects

Applied design projects form the backbone of the APD programme. Projects usually include lectures, field trips and user studies, workshops and group work and studio work.  Most projects concern problems that the students identify themselves and not problems that have already been solved countless times by other designers. The projects can address anything from conceptualizing new technology solutions for specialists, to the design for upcoming consumer needs, to the design of professional tools within heavy industries.

Define your exam project

The fourth and final term is devoted entirely to the examination project. You will carry out your exam project in cooperation with a corporate sponsor or other external partner. It is important that the project is seen as a collaboration and not a commission. You are expected to define a problem area, establish contact with an external partner and write a project brief that includes aims, method description and anticipated deliverables.

Degree show with invited companies

All degree projects are presented at a big end-of-semester event - the UID Design Talks & Degree Show. Here, students from all programmes participate. In addition to students, relatives and friends, the audience includes representatives from NGO's and multinational companies from across the globe.

TO THE MOON! - A Degree Project: Johannes Rieder created a vision for the next generation of lunar surface communication systems.


Internships allow you to develop your professional skills as well as your own professional networks in preparation for a future career in industrial design. The majoirty of the programme's students take advantage of the school's support and broad network of industry connections and do a full year of internships between the first and the second year of the programme. 


Year 1   Introduction CourseCAID 1 + CAID 2Methodology in Product DesignSound in Industrial DesignProduct Analysis and ConstructionStrategic Product Design.

Year 2  Visual Storytelling in Industrial DesignConceptual Product SolutionsCreative Reflections on Product DesignDegree Project in Advanced Product Design.


Our students become skilled at working with comprehensive holistic concepts as well as the small details of product design. Umeå Institute of Design is a top-ranked design education and the industry appreciates UID alumni because the breadth of the education and their ability to collaborate. Numerous well-known companies around the world continue to employ our graduates. 

Further studies?

Following your degree you have the opportunity to progress your academic career through PhD studies.

Thomas Degn BW

Thomas Degn
Programme Director
Associate Professor (Universitetslektor i industridesign) 





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  • Facts & Figures

    8 nationalities. The programme has enrolled students from: Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Sweden, The Netherlands and Turkey.

  • Recent internships

    ABOVE, Sweden. Cisco, Norway.  EGGS, Norway. FLIR, Sweden. GRO, The Netherland.  Holscher Design, Denmark. KISKA, Austria.  Laerdal Medical, Norway. Random Bastards, Sweden.  Swift Creatives, Denmark. Veryday, Sweden.