About Us

Umeå Institute of Design provides five academic programmes and a one-year course focusing exclusively on industrial design and related specializations. Programmes range from Bachelor's to Master's and Doctoral levels. We offer highly competitive, professional and international industrial design educational programmes, supported by exceptional technical facilities and resources and dedicated faculty and staff.

Umeå Institute of Design is organised as a school/department within the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University.

Bachelor Programme

We run a three-year Industrial Design Programme leading to a Bachelor's degree worth 180 ECTS-credits.

This programme is run in Swedish, and is open to all Nordic and international students who understand Swedish and speak Swedish or a Scandinavian language.

Master Programmes

At Master's level, there are three internationally oriented and specialized two-year programmes leading to a Master's degree comprising 120 ECTS-credits.

The three disciplines are:

Advanced Product Design
Interaction Design
Transportation Design

The master programmes are run in English and are open to international students. Students from the European Union and the Nordic countries do not pay tuition fees.

Single Subject Courses

Umeå Institute of Design gives a one-year course package, Industrial Design Intensive on basic level. We also offer a number of shorter single subject courses in industrial design and related topics, both within other study programmes at Umeå University and open for all students.

PhD Education

Umeå Institute of Design is one of Sweden's few design education environments that provides doctoral education in industrial design. The PhD programme is run in English, and is open to international students with an MA degree in industrial design, or equivalent competence. PhD students do not pay tuition fees, irrespective of nationality, but are employed at UID during the course of their studies.

International Students

Students from all over the world are currently enrolled in our Masters programmes and one-year course, creating a unique blend of creative energy and cross-cultural enrichment. More than half of the students at UID come from other countries than Sweden.

Currently we have students from around 30 different countries including Norway, Canada, Denmark, UK, India, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Korea, China, Germany and USA.


Cooperation with industry and society

In all programmes and courses, Umeå Institute of Design cooperates regularly with a number of companies and organizations including Saab, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Nokia, ABB, Electrolux, Komatsu, Husqvarna and Umeå Municipality, several of which are also strongly involved with our research programmes.




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