Exceptional possibilities
for creative studies

Since Umeå Institute of Design opened in 1989, the school has gained a reputation as a dynamic environment with exceptional possibilities for creative studies. UID is located at the heart of Umeå Arts Campus and is housed in a carefully renovated industrial building by the the Umeå river, close to the city centre.

top floor

The building is characterized by its large spaces and light atmosphere. Well equipped workshops are provided for woodwork, metal, plastic, clay modelling, assembly and painting.


The computer labs and studios, which are managed by the school's Computer Services, provide qualified facilities for students and researchers. The computer labs are also connected through a network to an advanced NC milling machine, laser engraving machines and rapid prototyping run by the school´s technical workshop manager.

The facilities are also equipped with a wireless network. High resolution scanning and printing equipment, servers, DVD-recorders, digital cameras and video equipment are also available.

A project studio is available for presentations and exhibitions. Additional facilities includes a photo studio, art studio, library, meeting & seminar rooms and an auditorium with 120 seats. At the Institute there is also a typical Swedish sauna and a student kitchen.

project studio

Students have their own personal workspace in an open studio environment, where a desk, chair, bookshelf, and internet access is available. Students have all-day access to the school seven days a week throughout the entire year.