Umeå Institute of Design operates within the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Umeå. Five academic programmes within the school focusing exclusively on industrial design and related specialisations, are run by the Institute.

Explore Our Bachelor Programme

The Institute offers a three-year industrial design programme leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, worth 180 ECTS-credits. The programme is run in Swedish and has no tuition fees. Only open for students from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland.


Explore Our Masters Programmes

The Institute of Design offers three internationally oriented and specialised two-year programmes leading to Master of Fine Arts degrees, worth 120 ECTS-credits. The master programmes are run in English and are open to international students.

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Explore Our PhD Programme

Umeå Institute of Design provides a Ph.D. programme in Industrial Design, focusing on understanding, improving, and augmenting the field of industrial design by high-quality research, impacting and strengthening education, industry, as well as academia.

Phd Programme