Understanding human behavior
to create richer interactions

MFA in Interaction Design

Program Structure  

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1.  5ID084 Skills and Techniques, ID 


During this first course you will be introduced to many of the basic tools and workshop facilities that you will utilize throughout your two years of study (more...). 


2.  5ID075 Graphic Design


This course covers the fundamentals of graphic design, typography, layout, logotype design and pictograms as applied to interactive media. You will continue to refine the conceptual user interface developed in the previous project course and the expected results include graphical profile, screen layouts for different kinds of interactive platforms. 


3.  5ID076  Project 1: Professional Product


The first of the core projects within the curriculum, the Professional Product project emphasizes the professional user. This project focuses on methods of design investigation including observational studies, contextual enquiry, interviews and task-analysis. Seminars introduce different approachs to user-centered design (more...).


4.  5ID226 Form Workshop 


This course addresses different ways of working with form in interaction design. It includes exercises exploring physical and temporal aspects of form and expression in interaction deisgn. In particular students explore connections between sound, visual expression and interaction experiences, and their relation to product identities. These skills are then put to work in a short and intense design project focusing on particularly sound design, executed in teams in collaboration with students from the MFA in Advanced Product Design.


5.  5ID193 Communication Design for Co-creation 


The overall aim of this 5-weeks course is to explore alternative ways, through traditional and new media, to visualize and communicate information with focus on Service Design and to provide training in running co-creative design processes together with users and stakeholders (more...).


6.  5ID079 Project 2: General Product (Service Design) 


The second core project in the curriculum is the 10-weeks General Product project, where you will engage with methods and approaches including design ethnography and observational studies. You will address products and services like healthcare facilities, public transportation or public services, and you will look at a whole population as potential users as opposed to specific social or professional groups. In this project you will work within a "service design" perspective, looking at people interacting with equipment, environments, services and other people rather than interacting with a single isolated product or product group (more...).


7.  5ID081 Experience Prototyping 


This 5-week course is aimed at providing you with the skills you need to prototype many different forms of interaction with relevant technologies. Broken into week-long modules, each with a different focus, this is a crash-course in the tools you need to make (or fake) all your interaction prototyping needs (more...).


8.  5ID082 Project 3: Interaction Concept 


The third core project in the curriculum, the 10-week Interaction Concept project aims to introduce the practice and understanding of interaction design, as it is perceived at the Umeå Institute of Design. We try to move away from an "object-oriented" design approach by specifying project deliverables in the form of an interactive process rather than a physical product. We emphasize the idea of people-to-people interaction mediated by a process or a technology rather than person-to-object interaction. In this project, techniques and methods for prototyping interaction are emphasized, building upon the skills acquired in the experience prototyping course (more...). 


9.  5ID188 Creative Reflections on Interaction Design


This 5-weeks course serves as preparation for the final thesis in the programme. The course include individual reflections about project themes, methods and the process of design in combination with the student's own design philosophy. It aims at exploring the potential of influencing and developing the work methods and process of design and thereby strengthen role of the professional industrial designer of the future.


10.  5ID202 Degree Project 


The final core project in this program runs for 20 weeks and is a self-directed investigation into an area of your choosing. This project is normally done in cooperation with a corporate sponsor or external partner, established on the initiative of the student. You are expected to identify design opportunities, establish contact with stakeholders and write a project brief which includes project goals, description of methods, anticipated deliverables and outline budget. The process of defining the projects starts early in the third semester and is done in dialogue with the Programme Director. You will receive tutoring support throughout the project, with regular checkpoints to assess your progress. Your final results will be exhibited at the end of the year Degree Exhibition.