Vehicle Design Theory 2013

Class: TD1
Duration: 5 weeks

The work of a transportation designer combines a great variety of tasks and challenges that range from the proposal and creation of completely new products to the development of existing ones. In any case, the tasks normally involve the application of multiple skills and methods to help define the future direction of a brand. In order to succeed, the designer must be able to communicate his ideas and opinions both verbally and visually. Designers must be sensible to the historical development of a brand and its products, to the realistic capabilities of the company and to all the aspects that will make a vehicle relevant in the market for many years to come. Good designs will generate great user experience and increase loyalty to a brand.

During this creative assignment students addressed the brief proposed by the CarOne committee. Ideation sketches, theme selection, tape drawing, clay modelling based on a universal volume that respects technical parameters and final visualisation of the individual design themes were the planned activities for the course.

The result was presented using refined clay models and posters.