Engaging Mobility

Vehicle Interior Design (in collab. with Bang & Olufsen and the MFA Interaction Design)

Class: TD2 and IxD2
Duration: 10 weeks


Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Denmark and today manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, multimedia and car audio products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. Currently B&O Automotive Division collaborates with companies like AUDI, BMW, Aston Martin and AMG by adding value to their in-car audio experience. In this collaboration project the goal was to investigate how vehicles could benefit if different levels of interaction with the user were a key factor to design interior components all around. In very objective terms, this meant approaching the design process with the following mindset: "How can B&O systems continue to add value to the user experience inside cars in the future?"

The project had a strong focus on aspirational users. This meant balancing rational and emotional values during the creation of the concepts. Students exercised vehicle interaction and interior design methodology from research to advanced visualisation of their concepts. 3D digital tools, experience prototypes and physical mockups were used for verification and testing during the process and one iconic element of the interior concept was presented in a tangible manner, as a model or prototype depending on the context.

Collaboration was fundamental in such approach. Team work involving a highly international group of students from two different specialisation programmes and the input from a leading supplier in the automotive segment supported the creation of very innovate solutions.