Vehicle Design 2014 (in collab. with Bayer MaterialScience)

Class: TD1
Duration: 10 weeks


The general goal in this collaboration project was to push boundaries in the use of translucent plastic material(s) in vehicle design, proposing new expressions and potential unexplored functions related to different lighting conditions (ex. day & night).

The project had a strong focus on creativity and integrated solutions. This meant balancing rational and emotional values during the creation of the concepts in order to achieve aspirational results that go beyond mere decoration or styling. Students exercised vehicle design methodology from research to 3D visualisation of their proposals.

Co-operation was fundamental in such approach. Team and individual work involving an international group of students and the invaluable input from faculty and experts from the company supported the creation of original and highly inspirational automotive concepts.

This course included vehicle design methodology going from basic research, concept definition, 2D ideation, concept selection, 3D development and presentation phases. A parallel objective was to help the students develop and refine their creative methods as well as their personal time-planning skills. 

Our collaborating partner Bayer MaterialScience describes the outcome from the project.