MA in Transportation Design

Vehicle Design Theory & Form Workshop (2010)

(in collaboration with Najad Yachts)

The basic expectation in this creative project was that students
individually explored and developed a concept proposal for a sailing yacht based on an intensive form ideation phase.

Innovative design solutions (ex. operation, maintenance, storage, etc) for the boat were addressed independently of the direction chosen by the student. “Companion” vehicles or systems were also proposed.

Sustainability was considered and the final design results demonstrated care for the environment.

From the collaborating company’s perspective, students were expected to:
• Propose a new sailing yacht design based on the dimensions found on the Najad 505;
• Consider the expectations and needs of the customer;
• Consider Najad’s brand values and identity;
• Develop a design concept that respected basic feasibility aspects.

According to Leif Bengtsson, Technical Manager for Najadvarvet AB, "the designs were all met with admiration by people both at the yard and visitors. I am very pleased with the results of this design venture and full of admiration for the ability of the students to produce such good results at this early stage of their career.

I wish all the students the best of luck and I am convinced that they all are looking in to a bright future".

9 students attending the first year of the TD programme participated in the project.

External Tutor: Eric Lundberg, yacht designer.

Project responsible at Najad: Leif Bengtsson

Course responsible: Demian Horst

Supporting staff: Kristin Fottner and Jasjit Singh