MA in Transportation Design

Vehicle Design (2009)

"Olme Spyder"

Simulating the design workflow used by industry, in a school environment.

Students goal was to design a car based on their interpretation of what a progressive and innovative roadster should be. To give the students understanding of a basic vehicle design workflow we developed a car from the sketch board to a full-scale volume model. Since the Olme Spyder is an open vehicle, students were instructed to cover both interior and exterior designs.

The collaboration partner in this project was Ove Bengtsson, an engineer with a personal passion for building his own vehicles. Ove sponsored the model making material costs. It was important to consider Bengtsson’s basic needs for the roadster but it was also fundamental to exceed his expectations. The students were asked to target an innovative and desirable vehicle for a wider audience.

Students had available a full-scale mock-up of the chassis made in wood. Several reviews and tests were done based on this mock-up.

The technical package was also available in digital form, as underlay for the tape drawing phase and was also utilised as the solid core for the clay scale models, challenging the students during the whole process to respect hard points and basic legal requirements.

The one-off street legal car was shown at the Elmia Custom Motor Show, the largest car and motorbike fair in Scandinavia.

Several experienced design professionals supported the project on a tutoring basis:

Main design tutor: Lars Falk, chief strategic designer for Volvo Cars

Design tutor: Tony Catignani, former SAAB designer/former programme director, Transport Design education at UID

Design tutor: Anders Gunnarson, chief exterior designer for Volvo Cars, senior advisor at UID.

Clay modelling tutor: Simon Thompson

Colour & Trim support: Sigun Bergstedt (Dacat AB)

Course responsible: Demian Horst, Programme Director MA TD education UID

Staff support: Kristin Fottner(design process, interior), Tomas Lindehell, Lars Isakkson and Karl Gustav Bergstedt (milling)

School's CNC milling machine executing the final design in full scale.