MA in Transportation Design

Storytelling in Design (2010)

This course provided both theoretical and practical information related to visual storytelling used for conceptual design creation, visualisation and communication. It included storytelling theory, film editing and a creative project work.

During the first part of the course students were introduced to the methods and techniques used in visual storytelling. Students also learned about video and audio editing using Adobe After Effects.

In parallel to acquiring this theoretical knowledge students developed a creative project assignment from which the outcome was an individual video presentation. The objective of this creative project was to apply storytelling techniques to generate an advanced visual and audio presentation that communicated the main inspirational idea(s) or argument(s) behind the design of a new vehicle or mobility solution.

Course responsible:
Demian Horst

External tutors:
Mattias Löw, Storytelling Theory
Daniel Forsgren, After Effects

For more videos related to this course please visit VIMEO.

This animated comic strip was created by Travis Vaninetti to inspire people about what is possible in the world of car design. What can we create for ourselves? What can we create for our children?

Video by Kosin Voravattayagon suggesting that a car company can seek for inspiration and new ways of working in markets where they are not yet present.