The Car as an Event

Strategic Design & Storytelling (in collab. with VW)

Class: TD2
Duration: 15 weeks

The creation of new vehicles must take into account changes in social behaviour and have a holistic approach by considering different scenarios that will potentially influence exterior, interior and interface design.

This full-time project combined two courses: Storytelling in Design and Strategic Design. It provided both theoretical and practical information related to creative thinking, branding and strategic product development, oral presentation techniques, visual storytelling used for conceptual design creation, visualisation and communication. 

Students main objective was to propose a progressive yet realistic vehicle concept that addressed the challenges mentioned above and does so by focusing on the user's early experience of the brand.  Students were expected to develop the company's core values when conceptualising a relevant and desirable product that captured the spirit of VW.

The concept development had a strong user focus on young and aspirational drivers. Students based their ideas on the market needs and projected these forward in time, considering probable changes in lifestyle in the near future.