Think Project


Strategic Design Project

(In collaboration with THINK EV from Norway)

Class: TD1
Duration: 10 weeks (Spring)

THINK has been developing and producing electric cars since the early 90s and can be seen as a pioneer in the rebirth of street-legal EVs. UID students spent 10 weeks during the spring considering the moment when large OEMs introduce EV solutions to the market and the EV technology becomes more mainstream and more price competitive. That new reality will impose a strategic challenge to low volume EV producers like THINK. Niche companies must create brands and products that are equally aspirational to their customers as the ones from OEMs, but with less resources for development, brand building, communication and distribution.

In this project the students main objective was to propose a progressive yet realistic design strategy addressing the above challenge. They were also expected to develop the company's core values when creating a relevant and desirable vehicle that captured the spirit of THINK.

Company contact: Katinka Von Der Lippe (Head of Design)
Design tutor: Steve Mattin