Integrated Safety Concepts


Vehicle Interior Design 2011

Class: TD2
Duration: 10 weeks (Fall)

Second year master students in the transportation design programme spent 10 weeks during the fall term investigating current traffic safety situations, researching upcoming trends and technologies and proposing automotive interior concepts that can, in theory, avoid serious injuries on the occupants of a vehicle. Students chose several automotive brands as references and all concepts are explained, visualised or demonstrated during three phases: pre-, in- and post-crash in order to demonstrate their systemic and integrated nature. The project was a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Umeå Institute of Design and experts from the "Real Life Safety Innovation" research group, sponsored by Sweden's Innovation Agency - Vinnova.

Professional Tutors: Ivar Frischer (Automotive Designer) & Åsa Rudberg (Colour & Materials Designer)
Experts: Mats Lindquist (Accident Data & Passive Safety), Martin Lönn (Active Safety) & Daniela Rothkegel (PhD candidate at UID)