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Vehicle Interior Design (in collab. with Volvo Cars)

Investigating Volvo interiors in the era of seamlessly connected mobility.

Class: TD2
Duration: 10 weeks (Fall)

With an ever increasing need for sustainable mobility options, strategic importance should be given to ethical values connecting brands to society. In this project students  researched and evaluated possible future mobility scenarios and one brand's particular position into these. The idea was not only to try and propose suitable solutions for a predicted future but to take a critical approach and if necessary, question trends and projections in favour of enhanced customer experiences. Students were encouraged to do this evaluation with a human-centric approach having attention to collective interests of other elements that shall coexist in the mobility scenarios. The resulting design proposals envisioned advanced interior concepts that supported the argumentation around aspirational mobility scenarios. The aim was to envision how Volvo's brand values could be translated into integrated functionality for the occupants of a car in a future mobility scenario. This meant proposing how could Volvo car interiors look like in the future if more senses were involved in the user experience.